Blackberry Wine

2015 Briar Patch Blackberry Wine

There is nothing better than homemade blackberry wine. One of the few fruit wines that ages well, blackberries are usually a little less acidic than other berries, so they give you a very round, smooth flavor.

Available in Sweet & Dry
Price: $20

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2015 Briar Patch Blend
Blackberry & Elderberry Wine

This amazing blend includes Blackberry and Elderberry to create a wonderful and unique tasting experience. The mix creates a smooth and and remarkable taste that comes from these berries.

Available in Sweet & Dry
Price: $22




2015 Briar Patch Huckleberry Wine

Huckleberry Wine has a rich fruity flavor with a unique aroma that is true to fresh huckleberries.  The enticing taste of both sweet and tart is a characteristic that makes this wine a special treat to the palette. 

Available in Sweet & Dry
Price: $25

Of Any Wine and
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Elderberry Wine

2015 Briar Patch Elderberry Wine

Elderberry wine has a unique flavor that changes considerably over time. Complex tannins make this a great berry for making a wonderful wine that ages well and is remarkably different from other berries.

Available in Sweet & Dry
Price: $22

Case of 12 bottles - get 1 bottle free!

Case of 12 bottles - get 1 bottle free!

Just a note to let you know how much Peggy and I enjoyed our visit with you, and how thrilled we were to taste every type of Briar Patch wine: all delicious! I am appreciating all those opened bottles, and have been able to let friends taste your wine. I will be back to buy more, and look forward to seeing the bottling in June. Thank you again for a delightful day.
— Sincerely yours, Elizabeth