Briar Patch Winery creates something different. Breaking from the traditional molding of fruits; our wines are made entirely from berries. Only using, Elderberries, Huckleberries and Blackberries that grow locally in the beautiful Hoopa Valley of Northern California.

Briar Patch Wines
Briar Patch

Our Wine Varieties

Huckleberry Sweet

Huckleberry Dry

Blackberry Sweet

Blackberry Dry

Elderberry Sweet

Elderberry Dry

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Voted “BEST NEW WINERY” at the “Taste of Willow Creek”. - July 2018


It's All About The Berries

Briar Patch Winery is unique. Creating "Exclusively Berry" wines made from naturally growing berries found in the scenic Hoopa Valley of Northern California is our passion. Discover the vibrancy of our wines crafted from Blackberry, Huckleberry and Elderberry creating a truly remarkable and satisfying experience. LOW SULPHITES . GROWN NATURALLY IN THE HOOPA VALLEY



“Sweet, succulent blackberries are the bramble group of bush berries found in the temperate regions. These summer season berries are loaded with nutrients and extremely popular.”



“Known as the California huckleberry, is found only in California and the Pacific Northwest.The huckleberry's fruits are 1/4 inch round and dark bluish purple, with a burst of intense sweet flavor.”



“A uniquely American fruit familiar to the nation's first inhabitants, this tiny black fruit yields an abundance of juice for its small size.”



Distinguished Flavors Unique to Berries.

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